Advanced Web Tracking

Eastern Connection Deploys New Tracking & Billing Infrastructure

Advancements made with customers in mind


Attention EC Ship and Online tracking users. Beginning October 26, 2009, Eastern Connection will be implementing new billing and dispatch software, and with this comes enhanced online shipping and tracking for our customers. There are several changes and additions account log-in and shipment details screens, making your shipment tracking easier than ever before.
You now have several options to view shipment data. The first, “Fast Track” gives all shipping data from the past seven days either on the screen or in a downloadable format. The second option is a customizable date range search that will pull shipping data from any set number of days. The third, fourth and fifth options allow you to search by Pronumbers, BOL numbers or Reference numbers, respectively.

Once you decide which search option suits your tracking needs best, there is an option in the “Utilities” section of your account that allows you to set that search screen to be your default home page when logging in.
Also available online via the new BOL Server are settings to request email alerts for a specific shipment, adding/updating emails for your organization, salesperson contact information, and a frequent customer list, to make adding “ship to” addresses even more streamlined for your organization.

If you have any questions about these changes, or would like to speak with someone one on one about the new system, please contact 800-877-4745. To view a training presentation, please click here.

Thank you,

The Eastern Connection team