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Corporate Background

Dear Friends,

On February 14th, 2014, Eastern Connection celebrated its 31st Anniversary. Over the years, we have proudly become one of the largest and most reliable regional express logistics providers on the East Coast.


Perhaps it was just a coincidence that we started Eastern Connection on Valentine's Day, back in 1983. But the fact is that we've always had a passion to be the best service provider in the business. We've always been focused on providing the best service for our customers, the latest pickups, and earliest deliveries FOR LESS THAN THE NATIONAL CARRIERS.
It is important at this time that we pause and acknowledge what has made Eastern Connection such a successful company. While we have grown steadily over the years, we have never lost our focus: customizing our services to help our customers save money, save time, and improve their productivity. So ultimately, it is you, our loyal customers, who have made the difference. The trust and loyalty you have given to Eastern Connection never goes unnoticed, and we promise to work hard each and every day to ensure the quality of service remains superior.

It should be no surprise that we are more flexible and personalized than the national giants, with our customer service available every day around the clock. But what you might not realize is that we match and exceed the nationals' track record for reliability. Thanks to our proven ground transport system and advanced technology, we consistently deliver as promised...with a 98.7% on-time record that we believe is the best in the package delivery business.

Today, we continue to enhance our technology and expand our services, offering complete shipping and logistics solutions to customers in all major zip codes from Maine to Virginia, both B2B and home deliveries. Our thousands of satisfied customers include numerous Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders in healthcare, financial services, accounting, law, high-tech, telecommunications, media, printing, and more.

At Eastern Connection, we want to be your long-term business partner. You can count on us as your express logistics provider to deliver on time, on target, and on the money.


All the Best,

Jim Berluti, President & CEO
Ted Kauffman, Chairman