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Do you have what it takes?

We are always looking for professional, reliable Independent Contractors around all of our 19 locations across the Northeast. These individuals work independently from Eastern Connection as a contractor. If you meet the criteria listed below, please give us a call and apply today!

An Independent Contractor – Doing Business with Eastern Connection Must:
  • Have a reliable vehicle (van or box truck)
  • Have a clean driver’s record
  • Be reliable
  • Have a 100 - 300,000 Liability Insurance Policy (Bodily Injury to Others)
  • Be friendly and personable towards customers
  • Have knowledge of regional areas in local states and cities
  • Be able to lift 75 lbs
  • Work well with others


Vehicle Leasing and Maintenance

Eastern Connection is dedicated in their mission to aid individual business men and women in their pursuit of a self-owned Independent Contractor small business.



Bush LeasingWe partner with Bush leasing in order to aid our Independent Contractors in a complete range of transportation services, including securing a clean and reliable vehicle for a discounted rate. Bush Leasing also provides affordable Vehicle Insurance, Maintenance programs designed with Independent Contractors in mind, Accounting and Tax services and a Health Care program. To find out more about Bush Leasing and Eastern Connection, please visit