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Ground Shipping Services




Next-Day Fastest Times, Lowest Rates

EC Ground provides next-day delivery by end of day throughout our footprint, Maine to Virginia. Our pricing model qualifies hundred-weight rates to provide you with the best rates possible. Eastern Connection also handles shipments that allow for more flexible guidelines than the national carriers. Our ground shipping services will save you both time and money.


Our Commitment

  • We are the only express parcel delivery service in the Northeast that can provide next-day delivery by the end of the day. Competitors deliver the same service two, three,  and four days later.
  • We have a dedicated “hub and spoke” ground trucking fleet centered around our Newark, NJ, location.



  •  Handle both B2B and Residential deliveries.
  •  Hundred-weight and minimum shipment charges are more flexible than the national carriers.
  •  Automated shipping system options of web-based ECShip, our proprietary Partnership Software.
  • On-line tracking and tracing throughout the delivery process. 
  • Service thousands of zip codes, including statewide coverage for CT, MA, NJ, RI, and the DC area.


  • Faster transit times - next-day ground delivery, ME-VA.
  • Like our EC Priority service, EC Ground provides later pick-ups and earlier overnight deliveries than our competitors.
  • Utilize our sort system resulting in less damage claims.

OVERNIGHT MAINE TO VIRGINIA. Call today for your free shipping analysis.