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EC Same-Day NFO & Rapid Response Shipping Services

Same Day Shipping Services


The Solutions You Need... When You Need Them

Our Commitment

  • Eastern Connection understands that time is precious in the business world. We know that you may need a pick-up or delivery at any time of the day, any day of the week. We also know that your urgent shipments need to be handled both quickly and carefully.
  • We developed our same-day courier and direct-drive to meet these needs, providing the fastest and most cost-effective express parcel delivery service available, with proof of delivery upon arrival.
  • Utilizing our efficient fleet, we move packages as small as an envelope and as large as a skid of freight. Eastern Connection combines speed with professional service to bring you the solutions you need when you need them.

Specialty Services

  • Direct Drive Services:
    • On-Demand (STAT). Within an hour of your call, we will arrive at your door and then deliver your package directly to its destination.
    • Scheduled Delivery. Using routing software, we improve quality and minimize costs.
    • Post Office and Bank Runs. We provide morning and afternoon mail and bank retrievals from the post office & lock boxes.
    • Fleet and Staff Leasing. If you're tired of maintaining vehicles and hiring drivers & foot couriers, let us show you how you can outsource your pickup and delivery needs.

Rapid Response

Rapid Response is our same-day, direct-drive courier service. Simply call toll-free 800-877-4745 to request Rapid Response urgent shipment. Eastern Connection then picks up your package within one hour of your call and expedites your shipment directly to its destination. POD's are available online at



  • Fastest transit times.
  • Most competitive pricing.
  • Highest efficiency ratings for on-time, in-tact deliveries.
  • Designed for optimal flexibility.