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Transport Logistics & Warehousing Services

 Logistics & Warehousing Services


Inventory Where You Need It, When You Need It "Just In Time"

Our Commitment

Eastern Connection offers custom-made Logistics, Warehousing, & Distribution services, with 24-hour dependability. Our logistics team is ready to develop a program to expedite critical, just-in-time shipments and improve your supply chain management.
Our flexible, cost-effective freight trucking and transport services will move your freight one-way, round-trip, or through dedicated, longer-term contracts. While our main freight shipping service area is the Northeast Corridor, we are equipped to extend our trucking capabilities throughout the country through alliances with freight shipping companies.


  • Expediting Packages
  • In-transit Merge
  • Parts Bank
  • Drop Boxes
  • Pick & Processing
  • Kitting
  • Storage Rentals
  • Trucking: Industry-leading transportation standards for quality and safety as we deliver Truckload, LTL, and Dedicated Trucking for any material:
    • Truckload. This covers a minimum of 10-12 pallets...over 10,000 pounds, or a truck over 50% full.
    • LTL. Less Than Truckload freight.
    • Dedicated Trucking. We devote our full resources to these customers.


  • Fast, easy access to your inventory
  • Reliable, door-to-door shipments
  • Improved productivity and cost reduction
  • Cost competitive
Warehouse Services