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WB Mason

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We established a relationship about a year ago with Eastern Connection.  At that time we were searching for a carrier that could provide not only extremely competitive rates, but a level of service that would help solidify our position in the market with our key clients.  The details were unique and probably not normal for any carrier.  Only a couple of meetings later, we felt that we had found our partner and the project was given to Eastern Connection.  That was the easy part, performing to the expectations of W. B. Mason and our client was the tough part!  I can honestly say that every step of the way we have been in very good hands.  One year later, no deliveries have ever been missed; everything is either on time or delivered earlier than expected.  Product is handled with care; drivers are very professional and conscientious.  We couldn’t be happier with our decision to partner up with Eastern Connection!  

Richard A. Regan

Director of Custom Solutions


"W. B. Mason is a privately held business product company headquartered in Brockton, MA.  Our annual sales are in excess of 1.3 billion dollars and we have approximately 350,000 active customers throughout the USA."